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Real Talk with Real People about Real Issues

PSH supports our friends in Philadelphia, a discussion and networking group, The Community Cafe!

The Community Cafe is a place where race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and religious and political beliefs do not contravene the experience of fellowship. We intentionally recruit a diverse group of residents to come together and discuss challenging, thought-provoking topics in our society that affect all of our lives and interactions. We offer an insightful, practical, and systematic approach to make change in personal lives, neighborhoods and communities.  Our mission is to create a safe environment where diverse people come together to discuss topics important to their city and their lives, and in doing so, use the newly gained perspectives to inform their own learning – and their own changing hearts and minds.

Community Cafe is seeking new leaders who want to shape the goals, programs and outreach efforts of the the Community Cafe to better serve and include all Philadelphians. If you are interested in learning more about becoming part of the leadership team, please contact Rev. Eric at

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