Green Community Development

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What if your school was also a productive urban farm where you could work?

What if your apartment building was surrounded with native plants and greenery?

What if you could compost food waste to become soil at your neighboring garden?

Planting Seeds of Hope is engaged in Green Community Development Projects that build upon our past decade plus of community work, our deep local relationships, and our love and care for the blocks that we have made home. Green Community Development is creating urban spaces for locally-based business, housing and neighborhood facilities that work within the environment and the food system.

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Green roof, landscaping and semi permeable surfaces concept

Our cities should to integrate nature and build within the context of the local ecosystem, not over top of it, or trying to otherwise remove it. We are working on green affordable housing, productive small farms, and the creation of local food system business growth all in the context of a greener, cleaner, climate-change resilient urban model.

Below is a full range of design and ecological restoration from our go to partner:

Stephen Panasci, PLA.