New website update for 2020


Planting Seeds of Hope has gone through several phases over the last 10 years. It’s good to remember where you have been as you think about where you are going.

A short timeline of things past and things to come:


Earlier days at SWAG Project

In 2010, PSH partnered with The First Tabernacle, Team Charter and Peshine Avenue School to launch SWAG Project (South Ward Agri-Garden) at 343 Meeker Ave.

In 2012, PSH began offering educational enrichment for Peshine Ave. students.

In 2016, PSH helped launch a novel composting business called P3 Organix, which focused on collecting food waste to turn into healthy soil amendments.

In 2017 Lincoln Park Community Garden found a new home on West Kinney Street.

In 2017-2018 we planned and launched our sister organization the Urban Agriculture Cooperative to specifically focus on Farmer’s Markets and building food access while creating more economic growth for local farmers.

In 2018-2019 we worked on policy advocacy to finally bring community scale composting to neighborhood gardens, coordinating with the NJ DEP on an exemption process that will hopefully be replicated in the coming year at a garden near you!

Soil amending experiment from food waste compost

Looking forward..

In late 2019 Urban Agriculture Cooperative and PSH team were retained by West Side High School to plan, build and launch an ambitious commercial urban farm on their front lawn that could also be used as a lab for food entrepreneurship (coming in 2020).  Check back for updates as the project develops.

In 2020 PSH and its partners are embarking on housing development projects that include natural ecosystem features to manage storm water, increase wildlife habitat, create cleaner air and add beauty and serenity to the lives of residents and local neighbors. The goal is a mixed portfolio of green-oriented and sustainable affordable rental, ownership opportunities, small commercial and community facilities.

Ironbound Orchard, fall 2019


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