Our Values


Group Harvest
Bounty of SWAG Project Farm, our first Newark Green Development


Residents, organizations and local land use oriented to create Healthy, Open Communities where People develop and Entrepreneurship flourishes.


Planting Seeds of Hope uses food justice, sustainability programming and community green development to create thriving, integrated communities.

We summarize our values with the letters in HOPE:

  • H – Health – Environmental, public and individual wellness
  • O – Open communities – Intentionally inclusive and integrated places
  • P – People development – Ample growth opportunities for youth and adults
  • E – Entrepreneurship – A spirit of innovation and creating shared prosperity


Since 2010, PSH has worked in Newark, NJ to transform vacant spaces into gardens, create sustainability programs and equitable, affordable housing development.

PSH is a professional practice with skills such as urban planning, design, community organizing, project management, communications, strategy, teaching and educational programming, business incubation, and affordable housing.

By Fund for an Open Society, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Founder and President, Rev. Eric Dobson

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