Vision, Mission, Method


Residents, organizations and local institutions transforming their own communities into Healthy, Open Communities where People develop and Entrepreneurship flourishes.


Plant Seeds of HOPE uses urban agriculture and food justice programs for more than just growing healthy food, educating, and providing access to food in our cities (although we do that!). Our gardens and our programs are first and foremost meant to build a cohesive, integrated community around the common bonds of healthy local food.

We summarize our values with the letters in HOPE:

  • H – Health – Environmental, public and individual wellness
  • O – Open communities – Intentionally inclusive and integrated places
  • P – People development – Ample growth opportunities for youth and adults
  • E – Entrepreneurship – A spirit of innovation and creating shared prosperity


PSH works across Newark, NJ and surrounding cities in collaboration with existing local residents, organizations and institutions. Stakeholders drive the goals and decisions of our programs and projects. We try not to invent new projects, we prefer to tie together existing efforts, tweak and better support them. We don’t wish to become just another non-profit organization that is part of the status quo, we want to team up with others to radically alter it!

PSH is a professional practice with skills such as urban planning, community organizing, project management, research and communications, strategic development, coaching, teaching, business development, and more.

Plant Seeds of Hope in your neighborhood? Contact us:

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