Vision, Mission, Method


The residents, organizations and local institutions we work with will transform their communities into Healthy, Open Communities where People develop and Entrepreneurship flourishes.


Planting Seeds of HOPE is a unique not-for-profit initiative using urban agriculture and food justice programs for more than just growing food in cities (although we do that!). All PSH gardens and related programs are directed at transforming community and developing people and families according to our HOPE philosophy:

  • H – Health – Environmental, public and individual wellness
  • O – Open communities – Intentionally inclusive and integrated places
  • P – People development – Ample growth opportunities for youth and adults
  • E – Entrepreneurship – A spirit of innovation and creating shared prosperity


PSH staff and interns work in collaboration with local residents, organizations and institutions. PSH creates resident advisory teams to make decisions and guide programming. We have standards and shared principles which community partners and PSH staff agree to and adhere to in pursuit of appropriate goals. PSH staff and board seek to enhance local capacity and get local organizations positioned to keep programs going even beyond our involvement in a place!

PSH is a professional practice with skills such as urban planning, community organizing, project management, research and communications, strategic development, coaching, and more. We offer a transformative approach to community development. While traditional CD organizations exist to serve communities, PSH exists to help permanently transform them. For instance, we don’t simply teach lessons on diversity – we give communities the tools to ensure they will be integrated for good. We know the seeds we plant will take root, grow, become self-reliant, and eventually radically alter the communities we join with.

A PSH in your neighborhood? Contact us:



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